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Securing a career in Investment Banking


An Investment Banking career is attractive for those high achievers who are seeking outsized pay and broad career options. The competition for an Investment Banking career is intense, competitive and sought after by many who are seeking an exciting, fast paced career where analysts can expect to earn approximately USD 200,000 annual salary (including annual base salary and discretionary bonus) in their first year out of university.


We offer personalised advisory services to help guide you through Investment Banking applications with the aim of increasing your chances of securing an Investment Banking career.

We provide the following services:

  • Personalised Resume

  • Tailored Cover Letter

  • Interview Preparation


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Personalised Resume 

We will work with you to discover your unique selling proposition, past work experience and craft a compelling resume targeting an Investment Banking application.

tailored cover letter

We will connect with you to develop a tailored cover letter highlighting your skills and transferrable skillsets to target an Investment Banking application.

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interview preparation

We know how leading Investment Banking Firms structure their interview processes. We will share with you what questions and tests that you need to prepare for prior to any IBD interviews. 

We offer 1 on 1 consultation to help you prepare for Investment Banking interviews to boost your chances of securing the role.

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