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4 Resume Tips from an Investment Banking Headhunter.

We spoke to a headhunter based in NYC who is currently leading the Graduate and Analyst recruitment for J.P Morgan. She shared with us her 4 tips which applicants need to take into consideration when preparing their resumes for Investment Banking applications.

#1 - Make sure your personality shines through!

As a recruiter, I want to see what work you have done, what activities you've been involved with and examples of when you've shown leadership. Utilise the 'interest' section on your resume to show us what you are passionate about outside of the classroom or workplace!

#2 - "Some of the best resumes I have seen are when I'm able to find the information I am looking for really easily."

Keep your resume in a simple structure. Lead with education experience, then follow up with details around your studies followed by any relevant experience you've had whether it's internships or other jobs. Make it clear for recruiters what key achievements you've had.

#3 - "A one page resume is exactly where applicants should be!"

I often see students and other applicants submit resumes with multiple pages. As a recruiter, I find that I start to lose track of the really important pieces of information that individuals want to highlight for the role if I'm reviewing multiple pages of the where possible please keep it to one page!

#4 - "Don't rush your resume!"

Remember that your resume is the FIRST impression that a firm has of you so you need to ensure that you make an excellent impression. Any grammatical errors can detract from any phenomenal experience people have listed on their resume. So I would advise individuals to take there time to review their resume, ask your friends, family or professional career coaches to review your your resume before sending your applications!!

Any further questions? Click our link below to book your free consultation with us....we can help you review your resume so that you can ensure you can make the best first impression!
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